Customer magazine "LEUCOline Highlights 2023": Innovations & tool news

Our customer magazine "LEUCOline Highlights" bundles tool innovations, customer applications, tips for professional use and provides insights into the company every year.

Highlights 2023, excerpt

  • Neues New tool concept based on the Fibonacci principle
  • Diamond-tipped panel-sizing saw blades for extra-long tool life
  • Neue New generation of hoggers "PowerTec 5" and "PowerTec 5S"
  • Regeneration: Regeneration: New life cycles for airFace jointing cutters
  • Innovative nesting solutions:
  • Z4+4 end mills based on the Fibonacci principle and
  • DIACURVE end mills with continuous cutting edge
  • Program expansion LEUCO t3 system milling cutter

Werkzeuglösungen bei Kunden

  • Cross-cut and miter circular saw blade at Schüco Interior System KG
  • Synchronously adjustable jointing cutter at Holtkamp Möbelteile GmbH & Co. KG
  • LEUCO t3-System milling cutter at 3D-Holz Design
  • Finger jointing cutter at Austrian cross laminated timber manufacturer Theurl