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LEUCO p-System Falzen
LEUCO p-System when rabbeting: This tool is ideal for door manufacturing as in this case cutting is done along as well as across the grain and chipping in the corners has to be avoided.

p-System Fussboden
Machining of of parquet elements: On the one hand very clean cuts have to be produced; on the other hand exotic or finish-lacquered woods have to be machined, too.

From "p"-tools to the "p"-System

Thanks to the "LEUCO p-System", LEUCO enables applications which have been considered as impossible so far. The particularity of "LEUCO p-System" tools is the large shear angle of more than 55°. In stationary and through-feed processing, the patented LEUCO p-System tools make possible many applications which caused problems or required special proceeding.

Everything started with the best jointing cut currently available on the market - thanks to jointing with the LEUCO p-System. Especially zero joints require the best cutting quality which can be obtained.
What´s the use of a perfectly laser-glued edge if the machined edge shows small chippings?

Thus, an almost invisibly glued edge requires the best tool, the p-System jointing cutter.
In moist rooms too, high cutting quality guarantees long furniture life - as humidity cannot penetrate if there are no edge chippings - as humidity cannot penetrate if there are no edge chippings. Each chipping in the top layer - no matter how small - reduces humidity resistance. In this case too, the use of p-System jointing cutters is almost a necessity.

The problem especially with moist room furniture which are machined on machining centers is, that openings are made with a right-hand rotation tool and a left-hand rotation tool in two work steps. The contact point between both cutters is a potential weak spot. In this case, p-System shank-type cutters offer the solution as they can make the opening in one work step because they can emerge from the material against the edge band. Thus, a weak spot where humidity could penetrate, is prevented from the beginning.


From "p"-tools to the "p"-System

Is this cutting quality available in the case of other applications, too?

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Much in demand are rabbeting cuts or chamfers. Thus, LEUCO continued the development of the p-System and added to the initial jointing cutter a whole system of different tools which transfer the outstanding cutting quality to other production areas.


For through-feed machines with tiltable motors and 5-axis machines, a p-System rabbeting cutter with all cutting qualities on the rabbeting and periphery side is possible.
The tools have to be tilted by 5° with the motor side towards the rabbet. This tool is ideally suited for door manufacturing as in this case cutting is done with and against the grain and chippings at the edges are not desired.
The production of furniture parts with folding cuts is equally possible with the p-System rabbeting cutter.
If no tiltable motor or only a 3-axis machining center are available, rabbets are possible at least at the periphery side of the tool with real p-System quality and all p-System characteristics. On the rabbet side a good but conventional cutting quality has to be accepted and not all of the p-System tools can be reached.

Even chamfering tools are offered by LEUCO as p-System tools. Please turn to our representatives for application advice. Do you want to cut a pocket or a groove? In this case too, p-System tools can be applied.

Machining of parquet elements
The machining of parquet elements is a special challenge. On the one hand very clean cuts have to be produced; on the other hand exotic or finish-lacquered woods have to be machined, too. In combination with the production of a glue pocket and cutting with and against the grain with or without tongue and groove, the result is a highly complex tool which can be designed according to the individual specifications of each parquet manufacturer and his machine. Just ask us - we are happy to advise you.


"A good idea can be recognized by the fact that it is imitated."

Have you noticed the increase of tools with large shear angle presented on recent trade shows? This confirms impressively that LEUCO added a real highlight with the patented p-System.
Extensive tests show that the original with a shear angle of 55° is unbeatable.
The larger the shear angles the longer the tools´ edge lives. This is why the LEUCO p-System is not inexpensive but at a second glance clearly more efficient than a cheap tool.

Which one of your application cases LEUCO may solve with the p-System?

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