25 Years Jubilee - A significant milestone for LEUCO Malaysia

Greetings from Melaka: The LEUCO Malaysia team with its managing directors Ellen Teh (8th f. l.) and Mark Lim (10th f.l.)
Greetings from Melaka: The LEUCO Malaysia team with its managing directors Ellen Teh (8th f. l.) and Mark Lim (10th f.l.)

LEUCO Malaysia was officially founded 25 years ago, in Feb 1998. From a humble beginning with a basic setup of only 2 Q-Eroding machines and a handful of grinding machines for HW circular sawblades, we have now grown to be the central hub for the ASEAN region equipped with a DP tool production and complete state-of-the-art DP & HW servicing center.

We have driven our business through knowledge, expertise, creativity, hard work and customer satisfactions. Tremendous efforts accumulated over the last 25 years have resulted in LEUCO Malaysia being recognized as a reputable precision tooling company in the Southeast Asia market.

Today, we are not only supplying standard tools from our program but also customized tooling solution to a wide range of customers from all different industry segments. We cover furniture, flooring, kitchen, joinery, industrialize materials such as aluminum, gypsum and fiber cement boards.

Our local DP tool production was established in year 2002 with the aim of providing faster response and delivery time to our customers. We are fully integrated with headquarter in Horb, Germany on the powerful Unigraphics & NX programs, enabling our local Application Engineers to retrieve and share information on the Team Center database. This enables us to be able to design and produce tools locally that gives us flexibility and to be more competitive in the market.

We are proud of what we had accomplished so far. We remain committed to our mission in providing innovative products and intelligent services to our customers and we look forward to continuing to grow and succeed in the years to come.

To all our employees, customers, stakeholders and friends - Thank you for being that someone who made us capable enough to celebrate such a glorious day. Thank you for inspiring us in all these years. Our success story remains incomplete without your support.

From Management of LEUCO Malaysia,
Ms. Ellen Teh & Mr. Mark Lim